Make your own font that same with popular anime tittle font. Get one now!!! You can also get a variety font. You can put it into your blogs, websites, layout pages, forums and email..

BleachTxtGen (Bleach Font Style Text Creator)

Use this online text generator to easily reproduce the distinctive style of the logo from the popular anime Bleach. It features red text surrounded by a white border and further encased in a blue gradient filled border.


NaruTxtGen (Naruto Font Style Text Creator)

The logo of the popular series NARUTO features a distinctive yellow to red gradient surrounded by a black border and a blue shadow. Reproducing text in this style with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, or other graphics suites can sometimes be a lengthy process or just confusing. That's why you make a computer do it with NaruTxtGen!


YourGen (variety of fonts)
YourGen is a free, easy to use text generator. With the widest selection of fonts on any text generator, you're sure to find what you're looking for.




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