Episode 10

Beautiful Life Episode 10

Sachi and Masao are talking. It seems she might be pregnant. Masao doesn't want to get married right away, though.

Kyoko explains that it's because she has become sicker that her brother wants to delay the marriage.

Out on a date they go on a HUGE ferris wheel and then have something to eat.

Kyoko tells her brother she knows about Sachi being pregnant. It seems he hasn't told their mother yet, though.

Shuji and his co-worker talk. His co-worker is thinking of going back to just being an assistant rather than a full stylist.

Turns out their boss used the salon as collateral for a loan from some loan-shark types and they're foreclosing.

You can buy prayer charms at temples and keep them or give them to others, such as charms to help get good grades on a test, etc.

...or for pregnancy.


Shuji comes to talk to Masao who still treats him badly. Shuji asks him if he will approve his seeing Kyoko.

Masao gets even nastier and Shuji finally tells him that, if it wasn't for the fact he was driving, he would have hit him.

But he finally has to admit that when Kyoko is with Shuji, her life seems better.

Masao tells Shuji how Kyoko could still walk when she was in elementary school.


She has to stay in the hospital.

But she runs away to Shuji's apartment. She asks him to make love to her.

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