Episode 11

Beautiful Life Episode 11

They are eating breakfast the next morning.

He hasn't told her about the salon closing. He told he he has a "vacation" coming up and will be able to spend a lot of time with her.

Kyoko wants to have a celebration for Masao and Sachi so Masao and Shuji work on decorating Kyoko's apartment.

Shuji and Kyoko's mother have a talk. He's staying overnight as is Sachi.

Shuji and Kyoko talk.

Kyoko gets to see their home for the first time.

Satoru drops by for a visit and tells Kyoko about Hot Lip, the salon, being closed. She talks to Shuji later.

He doesn't want to leave her alone, but she wants him to go work on a modeling collecton Satoru told her about.

She says she's afraid of dying and wants to go on living, but that he has to go on living, too, a reference to his not wanting to do any more hair work.

They do more talking and get along really well, but eventually she collapses and has to reenter the hospital.

Sachi visits her and finally breaks down in tears.

Apparently he is allowed to stay late at the hospital with Kyoko.

Kyoko was getting ready to go to a salon-type show but something goes wrong.

She manages to go to the show after all.

She collapses again at the show and dies while the ambulance is taking her back to the hospital.

Shuji is going to do her makeup for her.

Kyoko's body is cremated.

He fulfilled his dream of having a small seaside salon.

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