Episode 3

Beautiful Life, Episode 3

Shuji picks up the food Kyoko dropped.

Shuji complains that the food she bought doesn't have a raw egg with it while his former girlfriend, Mayumi, tries to get his attention.

The one guy is still interested in her but she is as cold as can be towards him.

Shuji shows a friend at work his sketch for a hair style, not knowing that Satoru, his chief competition at the salon, has already seen it, copied it and used it.

Shuji knows what has happened but he won't confront the other guy about his stealing Shuji's design and passing it off as his own.

Even though Shuji won't stand up for himself one of his co-workers does and confronts Kyoko, wanting to know why she showed the design to Shuji's competiton.

Kyoko and her co-worker from the library come to the salon so Kyoko can apologize for what happened with the design.

Shuji fell asleep while trying to do research on hair designs.

Kyoko and her friend end up buying a bunch of fashion magazines and taking pictures of women on the street, then cut out pictures in order to give to Shuji.

Kyoko goes to the Salon to give Shuji the pictures. His ex-girlfriend is there (and jealous).

The jealousy erupts.

Shuji slaps her and tells her off after she gives Kyoko a very hard time. She runs away and Kyoko tells Shuji that the girl is in love with him and he should go after her and he does.

Shuji tells Kyoko that he did look at everything she gave him.

He takes her out but then promptly falls asleep. By the time they get back to her car she finds out it's been towed away.

Kyoko has to use the restroom. He takes her to his place.

She reveals that she has an incurable illness. It also turns out Shuji had bought a pair of red shoes that she wanted. She can't understand why he is being so nice to her.

He tells her that he cares about her.

He ends up kissing her and holding her for a while.

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