Episode 5

Beautiful Life episode 5

They eat something and he leaves, forgetting that her wheelchair is on the opposite side of the sofa they are sitting on. He finally remembers and goes back, but the workers helped her into her wheelchair and she's gone.

Sacchi comes to visit and it's obvious she's quite interested in Kyoko's brother.

He finally comes out and asks her if she likes him. She admits that she does and he gives her a present he won at a pachinko parlor.

Pachinko is a major game in Japan. Parlors will have lots of pachinko machines in them and are quite noisy. Winners received metal balls which they can trade in for prizes. They are not supposed to be converted to cash, but in many cases there is a round-about way to do that anyhow. A really good movie that has some pachinko playing in it is Shimotsuma Monogatari.

They finally hug.

The boss announces that next month they'll be doing a styling event on stage live.

Shuji was supposed to be meeting her but he's held up at work (again) and basically forgetting about her (again), so one of his co-workers has come to keep Kyoko company. He ends up being 1 ½ hours late.

They go to a movie but he falls asleep.

In a sequence after the movie we see the types of problems a person in a wheelchair has. He's pushing her, of course; they have to wait for an elevator that isn't crowded; he has to help her out the front door of the theater; he has to help her get her wheelchair down some small steps, and in addition to all of that some people sort of watch them go by, all this emphasizing the types of problems a person with a disability might run in to.

They at at a place called Big Boy (he had a Big Boy Hamburger Steak meal).

She's comparing herself to him and saying they live in two different worlds, that he's famous and she's just a librarian. They end up having another argument and he leaves the car.

Miyama brings around a friend of Kyoko's who also happens to be in a wheelchair.

They're having an argument at the salon about the live performance thing they are supposed to do.

They have a staff meeting to discuss the live performance and take a vote. Shuji is the only one to vote against doing the show, although the boss has required him to take part in it.

She goes to the hair cutting event.

Satoru is being his normal evil self. Without information Shuji about it first, he sets up ground-rules for the hair cutting "competition." Shuji is to pick a person from the audience for him to work on and he picks one for Shuji. Of course Satoru picks Kyoko (who was planning to leave.)

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