Episode 6

Beautiful Life episode 6

Kyoko and her wheelchair are brought up to the stage. Shuji is furious at Satoru but can't really say anything in front of all the people.

She wants to leave the stage but Satoru blocks her. She struggles and almost falls off the stage. Shuji saves her but he falls off the stage instead. He ends up injuring his arm.

These two just do NOT get along.

She blames Kyoko for their event being messed up and says Shuji is looked down on at the salon because of her.

Kyoko's would-be boyfriend verbally goes after Shuji.

Shuji's finally beginning to understand a little bit of what it's like for disabled people.

Meanwhile Kyoko's brother has taken Sachi to a very fancy restaurant.

He's noting to her just how expensive the wines are and doesn't notice that he's just set fire to his menu.

He wants to go steady with Sachi.

Satoru has come to talk to Kyoko. He just wanted Shuji to have a hard time is the reason he chose her to come on the stage.

Satoru apologizes to Shuji but adds that it seems Shuji is running away from his own talents.

Shuji goes to a meeting with a woman who offers him a lot of cash while Kyoko and a friend end up coming to the same place. The woman is trying to get Shuji to come and work for her salon.

The guy wants Kyoko to come and work with him and makes a remark about Shuji. He's ends up basically asking her to marry him, saying he's going to Germany in a week to study for three years.

Sachi and Kyoko have a long talk together. She wants Kyoko to stay in Japan with her and also tells her that just because Shuji isn't in a wheelchair doesn't mean he will never understand what things are like for her.

This is the first time they have even spoken to each other since his accident. Sachi has set them both up, telling him there was a photo shoot and telling Kyoko she would meet her; Sachi's just trying to get the two of them together.

Sachi got them to come to an amusement park. They go on the merry-go-round.

She tries to go on another ride, a much wilder one, but panics. She is taken to the part hospital and the nurse says she's anemic and shouldn't have gone on the ride.

They have a long talk.

They end up spending the entire day at the amusement park and have lots of fun.


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