Episode 7

Beautiful Life episode 7

He meets an ex-girlfriend. Fortunately she's married now.

Kyoko and he get drunk and she ends up accidentally staying the entire night.

When she got home she lied about where she was but her mother knew so she has Kyoko bring Shuji over to visit the family.

Her brother wants to know what Shuji's intentions are regarding his sister. End result is that the father approves of him, the brother doesn't.

It turns out that their boss wants to expand and have three salons rather than just the one, and he's using Satoru and Shuji to get publicity to let him find the finances he needs.

His ex-girlfriend comes to the salon.

While Shuji's giving his ex-girlfriend a haircut Kyoko is telling her friend that she can't go to Germany with him.

Kyoko arrives just as Shuji is giving his ex-girlfriend a ride on his bike.

Kyoko's brother is telling Sachi that he doesn't think Kyoko should fall in love, that she will only end up getting hurt and that it's his duty to protect her.

Shuji and his boss have an argument. Shuji thinks his boss is moving too fast on his plans and the people who are working there are overworked, but his boss tells him that if he doesn't like it he can leave.

Kyoko's brother has gotten Shuji alone and is asking him again what his intentions are towards Kyoko.

He wants Shuji to stop seeing Kyoko.

Kyoko calls Shuji and tells him about seeing the woman on his bike.

His ex-girlfriend shows up at his apartment. When she gave her husband the divorce papers he hit her and threw her out.

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