Episode 8

Beautiful Life, episode 8

Shuji's ex-girlfriend has left while Kyoko is still trying to find out just what happened.

Shujui meets with the headhunter. She has offered him three times what he earns now but he still says no. She also hints that there is something going on at the salon.

Shuji's ex-girlfriend confronts Kyoko.

Kyoko backs away after denying that she's Shuji's girlfriend. She doesn't pay attention, though, and her wheelchair falls off a raised area and she falls onto the road.

Her brother now openly interfers when Shuji tries to find out what happened and see her at the hospital.

Her brother is getting nastier and nastier.

Miyama has a long talk with Kyoto, accepting the fact that it's not him that she is in love with.

Her brother finally stoops to violence to stop Shuji from seeing Kyoko.

She gives him the address of a relative that Kyoko has gone to stay with. She tells him Kyoko's illness has something to do with her immune system and it is possible that it could get worse and she could die from its effects.

Shuji's ex-girlfriend says she has decided to move away. She wants to start their relationship anew but he says he can't.

Where Kyoko is staying.

He drives out to see Kyoko.

He finally comes right out and tells her that he loves her.

The headhunter goes after another worker at the salon. To be hired, though, he needs to steal a copy of their salon's customer list.

She visits Shuji in his apartment and cooks something.

She helps fix him a delicious meal and then tells him that she thinks they should break up.

He's now talking about things that could happen if they got married.

He tells her he doesn't want to let her go. Period.

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