Episode 9

Beautiful Life episode 9

Kyoko's brother is out on a drive with his girlfriend while Kyoko and Shuji are out on a drive of their own.

Kyoko and Shuji enjoy the scenery.

Shuji gives her a key to his apartment.

Sachi out on another date.

Sachi is referring to wanting to have a physical relationship with her somewhat dense prospective husband-to-be.

Things are beginning to go bad, though. One of Shuji's co-workers is stealing the customer list from the shop, and Kyoko's brother has received a call from one of her doctors.

He gets caught. Shuji wants him to quit the salon but Satoru wants him just to go home.

He's designing a salon that he could work at and he has a job for Kyoko there, greeting customers and doing other things. He also wants to rent a bigger place, barrier-free, so they can start living together.

Kyoko's brother is being told that Kyoko might have a malignancy.

Masao, Kyoko's rather nasty brother, calls Shuji and tells him Kyoko is now missing. She has taken her car and gone somewhere without telling anyone in advance.

She has gone to the place she and Shuji went where they could see Mt. Fuji.

She says she wasn't sure if she wanted to kill herself and he tells her that he's there for her.

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